Milling & Machining Specialized Services

  • The services includes Modification, Turning, Boring, Milling & Balancing
  • Repair/Machine parts for pumps, turbines, compressors, motors & gears like cases, shafts, brackets ,impellers elements etc.
  • Repair/Machine heat exchanger components like tube sheets, baffles, shells ,bundles, channels, shell covers, channel covers, floating heads, test rings etc.
  • Repair/Machine Valves parts like Valve Bodies Stems, Gates, Drive Bushings etc. Repair/Machine/Fabricate–Flanges, blinds
  • Repair Motor parts such as Weld/Metal Spray journals for Rotors, Machine Stators and Bore Taper & Straight Couplings. Sleeve/Weld Bearing Housing, Weld & Machine–Rigged Coupling for Concentricity Alignments etc.
  • Balance all rotating elements like Motor Rotors, Pump Impellers and Turbine Elements
  • Metal Work Fabrication & Various Welding Process Performance. Partial repair for corrosion, erosion, stem cuts & deep scratches on split gasket faces for Turbine/Compressor cases & journals through applying Cold Welding Process.